Safe Travels: How to Travel Alone Safely if you’re a Woman

Traveling is pretty straightforward but not if you’re a woman traveling alone; there have been too many horror stories involving women tourists traveling to other countries on their lonesome. Some have gone off the established path and have ended lost or, worse, dead. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel alone if you’re a woman; it just means you should be careful.

To help women traveling alone instead of stopping them outright, here is a compiled list of what you should do if you’re a woman traveling alone for the first time.

First: Do your due diligence

If you’re traveling alone, it’s important that you know all you need to about your destination. Is there unrest going on in the country? How safe are the hotels and places to stay at for visitors? You should check on the Web weeks or months before you leave for it. That’s one of the ways you know that you’re safe when you touch down on your destination.

Second: Travel light, take only what you need

An ATM card’s importance is highlighted when you travel abroad. Do you really need to carry a large amount of cash on you ? Take only what you need per trip and keep most of your cash in the bank. Another way of keeping it secure is to leave it where you’re staying as long as your room has a safe or a similar device to lock your most important belongings in.

Third: It’s okay to be a skeptic

When you’re traveling alone, you’ll have more time to mingle. There will be people who will strike up conversations with you but, the truth is, some of them are swindlers or con artists out to get you. Remember to always keep things casual; it’s not bad to be friendly, but always remember that the world is also a bad place at times. When you see that they are trustworthy, that’s the only time you befriend them.

Fourth: Travel like a local

When you’re in Paris or in Brazil, pickpockets tend to prey on those who look like their tourists. Just because you’re a tourist that doesn’t mean you have to look like one; master the art of blending in with the locals. When you do that, not only will you avoid other crooks, you’ll also attract people you can easily trust.

Fifth: Always keep documents and a secret stash with you

You aim for enjoyment on your travels, but it won’t always be all smiles; when the worst happens to you on your travel, you should have at least some cash and your most important documents with you. You should have identification (IDs, cards with your address and face on) as well as cash (a few should suffice). Hide your cash on you secretly.

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