At the Speed of Light: How to Travel Lightly with Everything you Need

People love to travel. The only problem is that they don’t know which to pack, usually. There have been stories of people packing the wrong things and only realizing it when they unpack. A trip to the store will usually solve this but it can be a troublesome problem if you’re a backpacker traveling not only light, but also traveling cheap.

To realize your backpacking dreams, here are what you should bring. This is also a help towards realizing how to travel light properly.

1|Determine your carrying capacity

The first thing to do is to choose which luggage you’ll be carrying. It depends on the length of your stay. If you plan on staying anywhere from weeks to a month, you should carry as much with you that you need; if you are traveling anywhere from a few days to a week, that’s when you should carry only the things you absolutely need.

2|Get your stuff together

When you’re traveling, it is easy to forget stuff that you really need. Create a list of things that you shouldn’t leave without. This includes important identification, some money, toiletries, and a change of clothes for the days you’re on your travels. Missing one or more of these will make your travel more cumbersome than it needs to.

3|Don’t forget your toiletries

Even if there are stores where you can buy toiletries on your travels, you should pack ahead and bring some of your own. Toothbrush and items that you use on yourself shouldn’t be forgotten. You can also buy shampoo and soap ahead, but you can also buy those when you arrive at your destination. Create a list so you’ll know which to buy and which to bring.

4|Keep your clothes neatly rolled

A good technique to maximize your baggage is to arrange your clothes so that they’ll allow more room. Folding them into neat rolls is a good way of creating more space for other things you have to bring. There are also other methods of folding that will allow you some space if if you need more.

5|Keep them segregated by need

When you’re packing, create a list of clothes based on what you need them for. On business trips, you shouldn’t forget shirts and slacks; on vacations, some shorts and shirts would be great. Packing according to need will allow you to keep your travel bags light. It will also allow you to leave behind anything that you don’t need.

Create a list with these tips in mind. That way, you won’t experience any embarrassing stories of forgotten clothes or any other problems when you go on your trip.

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