The Ultimate Birthday Gift Guide For Every Age


Whether they’re a baby, a toddler, or a big kid, there is always something fun and unique to buy for their birthday. This year, try a fun new take on the family board game, cozy slippers, or a bright and floral scent.

Personalized Bathtub

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler, a kid who is getting older, or an adult who is turning a milestone age, finding the perfect gift can be tricky. A personalized present adds a thoughtful and memorable touch that fits their unique interests, hobbies, and passions.

For example, a Personalized Bathtub is an adorable and useful gift idea that makes bath time even more fun. It can be personalized with their name, initials, or a heartfelt message.

Other fun birthday gifts for kids are activity toys that encourage collaborative and imaginative play. These include a dinosaur- or animal-themed toy that allows them to flex their creativity, a giant building set that lets them flex their engineering skills, or a simple family board game. For older children, try a tech gift that can help them learn how to code or a wacky science kit. If you’re shopping for a special grandchild, a Personalized Grandparents License is an entertaining and heartwarming gift that will bring a smile to their face.

Personalized Cutting Board

At this age, kids are able to play more independently and may be interested in a variety of different toys that encourage collaborative and social skills.

A personalized cutting board from Words with Boards is recommended to make the birthday boy or girl feel special every time they whip up something to eat. Crafted from wood, this unique option features a laser-cut design of their name or initials with the optional American Flag overlay for a truly patriotic and unique touch.

Another fun, custom birthday gift idea is a personalized anniversary or housewarming gift such as a gorgeous wooden star constellation projector that can be engraved with the couple’s names and “certificate date.” The recipient will be reminded of their special day each time they use it.

Drawing Kit

A great gift for a kid’s birthday, this drawing kit lets her express her creativity and fine-tune her artistic skills. With high-quality graphite pencils, art pens and markers, this set provides a canvas for self-expression.

Unlike other kits, drawing kits usually come with an instructional booklet to teach the fundamentals of drawing. It includes illustrated exercises and a 20-page step-by-step drawing guide. Drawing kits are gifts that foster artistic growth and offer hours of fun.

For their 10th birthday, give them something that encourages social and family play. A fun new take on a classic, a ball catch game is a great option for kids that love to get their wiggles out. A Personalized Laser-Cut Motorcycle Sign is also a perfect choice for a boy or girl’s first double-digit birthday. It’s a beautiful piece that would make a nice addition to any home. They’ll be proud to hang it up and display their creative talents.

Personalized Colored Pencils

At this age, kids tend to have specific interests, so it’s important to pick a gift that caters to that. For example, a dinosaur or animal gift for a 5-year-old would be perfect to help encourage development while also being fun. A family-friendly charades board game is another great option for a birthday gift for a five-year-old that promotes teamwork and socialization.

For the teen who is more into art and creativity, a personalized colored pencil set can be a thoughtful gift for their birthday. It can help them get ready for the school year with a personalized touch to their desk and will show them they are loved every time they pick up their pencils.

For a milestone birthday like 40, a video montage of messages from their loved ones is a touching way to celebrate their big day. This is a special occasion that deserves a big celebration!

Personalized Book

For the kid who loves to read, a personalized story is a fun way to make them feel special. A search and find book is a fun combo gift set that sends them on a journey through a series of imaginative worlds to discover their own likeness in the illustrations.

Another creative gift idea is a fill-in-the-blanks book that lets them create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. They can fill it with photos, drawings, memories, and other meaningful anecdotes that they want to share with their special someone.

If they are an astrology buff, they will love an enlightening birthday gift that will give them their unique celestial story. The book is personalized with their birthdate and is thoughtfully bound in a library-inspired hardcover.

Personalized Photo Frame

A personalized photo frame is a thoughtful gift that lets your loved one share their special moments in a beautiful way. Whether you want to honor a successful sports season or commemorate the birth of their child, a unique custom gift makes the perfect keepsake.

Milestone birthdays are an important time to treat your loved one to something extra special. If they’re turning 50, a personalized video montage of special messages from loved ones is a one-of-a-kind birthday gift they will cherish forever.

For teens, a fun birthday present idea is a tech gadget like this Augmented Reality Virtual Archer bow that works with their smartphone. A 13th birthday gift for a girl can be as simple as jewelry, or you could surprise them with a more unique present like this NASA rocket construction kit. For a 14th birthday, consider spoiling them with a new teen-friendly board game like the Ridleys Selfish “Zombie Edition” Card Game or a cool cooking measurement conversions wall hanging.

Personalized Photo Album

For those turning 16 or 60, a personalized gift is the perfect way to remind them of their loved ones and all the good times they have had. Create a stylish coffee table book or a one-of-a-kind photo album online that they can flip through over and over.

At the age of 6, kids start to show a more unique interest in their hobbies and interests. For a cool birthday gift idea, consider giving them a family friendly Charades board game that encourages social interaction and team work.

When they turn 13, they’ll probably want something a little more mature, so a remote control mini quadcopter makes a great gift idea for them. When they turn 50, it’s time to give them a big, bold and beautiful reminder that they are loved and celebrated with a video montage of special messages from their loved ones. For an even more unique option, choose the All About You fill-in book that’s filled with fun prompts and memories of them over the years.

Personalized Framed Print

For a gift that’s both meaningful and stylish, consider a personalized framed print. These beautiful prints are printed on fine art paper, framed in a gorgeous wood frame, and make an impressive addition to any home. The thoughtful customization makes this a perfect birthday present for the loved one in your life who enjoys home decor.

Milestone birthdays call for something special, and this personalized framed print is a great option. It features a handwritten message and your recipient’s name, making it a personalized keepsake that they will cherish forever.

Another fun milestone birthday present is a custom-made sign for their kitchen. This wall hanging is a functional art piece that includes an easy-to-read chart for common cooking measurements. It’s a practical yet thoughtful gift that will help your recipient become more confident in the kitchen.

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