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At the Speed of Light: How to Travel Lightly with Everything you Need

People love to travel. The only problem is that they don’t know which to pack, usually. There have been stories of people packing the wrong things and only realizing it when they unpack. A trip to the store will usually solve this but it can be a troublesome problem if you’re a backpacker traveling not only light, but also traveling cheap.

To realize your backpacking dreams, here are what you should bring. This is also a help towards realizing how to travel light properly.

1|Determine your carrying capacity

The first thing to do is to choose which luggage you’ll be carrying. It depends on the length of your stay. If you plan on staying anywhere from weeks to a month, you should carry as much with you that you need; if you are traveling anywhere from a few days to a week, that’s when you should carry only the things you absolutely need.

2|Get your stuff together

When you’re traveling, it is easy to forget stuff that you really need. Create a list of things that you shouldn’t leave without. This includes important identification, some money, toiletries, and a change of clothes for the days you’re on your travels. Missing one or more of these will make your travel more cumbersome than it needs to.

3|Don’t forget your toiletries

Even if there are stores where you can buy toiletries on your travels, you should pack ahead and bring some of your own. Toothbrush and items that you use on yourself shouldn’t be forgotten. You can also buy shampoo and soap ahead, but you can also buy those when you arrive at your destination. Create a list so you’ll know which to buy and which to bring.

4|Keep your clothes neatly rolled

A good technique to maximize your baggage is to arrange your clothes so that they’ll allow more room. Folding them into neat rolls is a good way of creating more space for other things you have to bring. There are also other methods of folding that will allow you some space if if you need more.

5|Keep them segregated by need

When you’re packing, create a list of clothes based on what you need them for. On business trips, you shouldn’t forget shirts and slacks; on vacations, some shorts and shirts would be great. Packing according to need will allow you to keep your travel bags light. It will also allow you to leave behind anything that you don’t need.

Create a list with these tips in mind. That way, you won’t experience any embarrassing stories of forgotten clothes or any other problems when you go on your trip.

The All-Time List: The Best Airplanes in the World

When you travel in the air on airplanes, don’t you find yourself wondering what makes them fly?

Airplanes are a marvel of engineering that we have to thank the Wright brothers for. They have evolved from simple string and pulley machines to the large, jet-engine marvels we see today. They have changed the course of travel as well as the way wars are being fought as well. These planes are here to stay, for the better or worse of humanity.

This list is about the planes that are at the top for being expensive or expansive. It includes any airplane whether they are warplanes or ones used by passengers and for cargoes.

Airbus A340-300 Custom
cost: USD 350-500M

The Airbus A340-300 Custom benefits from its ‘Custom’ tag definitely; it wasn’t made for mass commercial consumption. Like the custom Boeing planes, only those with a significant chunk of the world’s fortune can afford this plane. The amount significantly hikes up when the custom additions are added on this plane that already costs a standard USD 238M.

Boeing 747-8 VIP
cost: USD 153M

With a tag like ‘VIP,’ the ‘Dreamliner’ class of Boeing’s 747 fleet features a design unavailable on their mass-produced, public airplanes. These include ceilings that vault upon each other as well as premium features like spiral staircases and video displays for calls. You remember Tony Stark’s private jet? That comes in close comparison to this plane.

Boeing 747-Custom
cost: USD 220M

The custom version of the 747 is a plane fit for a king, or a rich oil prince from the Middle East, whichever you prefer. Custom leather seats go with your choice of decorations and arrangements. Some samples make the plan look as if it was bedecked in gold; with lavish decorations and seating that any rich royalty or executive would love to have.

C-17A Globemaster III
cost: USD 328M

At first glance, this Boeing-developed plane looks like it can’t get off the tarmac. The C-17A’s closest counterpart in heft, perhaps, is the Antonov AN-225. Its value lies in the sheer number of units as well as military vehicles it can transport, not to mention the cargo and ordnance they bring along as well. It has flown in a variety of missions from medical missions to covert airdrops.

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
cost: USD 232M

Sometimes, the most expensive planes aren’t built for the people. The Hawkeye is a replacement for the tracer and it is a radar plane in use by the US Air Force. It is used as a carrier and it could also be a radar plane for directing rapid strikes on global targets. Its true value lies in its global satellite communication as well as the latest in electronic scanning technology.

A History of Flight: The Best Pilots in the World, through Time

What makes a great pilot? Is it because of how you manage to fly your plane, or is it because how you manage to stop crashing your plane and keep your passengers safe? Some other pilots are famous because of those reasons; however, not all pilots are famous for that. Some are simply famous because they helped shape aviation in the world.

Take a look at some of the greatest aviators in history for whatever reasons they may have. Because aviation is never the same, thanks to them.

Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier/the Montgolfier Brothers (1754 – 1785)

The story of man’s relationship with flight may have started way earlier than many realize. There are names like Abbas Ibn Firnas, a glider flier who dared to touch the sky from a tower in Cordoba or Eilmer of Malmesbury, also a glider flier. However, according to history, it’s actually Jean-Francois Pilatre de Rozier, flying a balloon designed by the Montgolfier brothers.

Baron Manfred Von Richthofen (1892 – 1918)

The famous Red Baron flew into history as one of World War I’s top aces. He has 80 kills to his name. It wasn’t his flying that got him the nod, as he was fairly average and didn’t escape being shot at. It was his locked-on shooting that enemy pilots feared him for.

Chuck Yeager (1923 – present)

In 1947, just two years after World War II, Chuck Yeager made headlines by breaking the speed of sound. To be fair, that jet flight wasn’t the first one; the Germans perfected that technology during the way. However, Yeager took many risks and today’s world would not be the same if not for his supersonic-breaking daring flight.

James H. Doolittle (1896 – 1993)

James Doolittle has had a love affair with the air all his life. However, he found fame for his daring missions; he was portrayed by Alec Baldwin in the movie ‘Pearl Harbor.’ Doolittle is famous for leading a squadron of North American B-25 bombers off a carrier and bombing Tokyo, then bailing out over occupied Chinese territory.

Charles Lindbergh (1902 – 1974)

This pilot got his start in the unlikeliest of places—the circus. He was a barnstormer, a parachutist, and a windwalker before he stepped into the cockpit of history. His pre and post-Atlantic flights paved the way for commercial airline routes. We may never have had the chance to fly as we do now without him trying it out the first time.

These men were once like you and me—normal and trying to eke out a meager existence. They took the risks, grabbed opportunities to become the aviators they are today. Becoming a great person is just a matter of choice.

Safe Travels: How to Travel Alone Safely if you’re a Woman

Traveling is pretty straightforward but not if you’re a woman traveling alone; there have been too many horror stories involving women tourists traveling to other countries on their lonesome. Some have gone off the established path and have ended lost or, worse, dead. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t travel alone if you’re a woman; it just means you should be careful.

To help women traveling alone instead of stopping them outright, here is a compiled list of what you should do if you’re a woman traveling alone for the first time.

First: Do your due diligence

If you’re traveling alone, it’s important that you know all you need to about your destination. Is there unrest going on in the country? How safe are the hotels and places to stay at for visitors? You should check on the Web weeks or months before you leave for it. That’s one of the ways you know that you’re safe when you touch down on your destination.

Second: Travel light, take only what you need

An ATM card’s importance is highlighted when you travel abroad. Do you really need to carry a large amount of cash on you ? Take only what you need per trip and keep most of your cash in the bank. Another way of keeping it secure is to leave it where you’re staying as long as your room has a safe or a similar device to lock your most important belongings in.

Third: It’s okay to be a skeptic

When you’re traveling alone, you’ll have more time to mingle. There will be people who will strike up conversations with you but, the truth is, some of them are swindlers or con artists out to get you. Remember to always keep things casual; it’s not bad to be friendly, but always remember that the world is also a bad place at times. When you see that they are trustworthy, that’s the only time you befriend them.

Fourth: Travel like a local

When you’re in Paris or in Brazil, pickpockets tend to prey on those who look like their tourists. Just because you’re a tourist that doesn’t mean you have to look like one; master the art of blending in with the locals. When you do that, not only will you avoid other crooks, you’ll also attract people you can easily trust.

Fifth: Always keep documents and a secret stash with you

You aim for enjoyment on your travels, but it won’t always be all smiles; when the worst happens to you on your travel, you should have at least some cash and your most important documents with you. You should have identification (IDs, cards with your address and face on) as well as cash (a few should suffice). Hide your cash on you secretly.

Hall of Shame: The Worst Airports in the World and How to Avoid Them

This is one list you definitely don’t want to belong to.

Truth be told, some airports are shining examples of efficiency and effectiveness, but this list isn’t dedicated to them. To be fair, the airports included here have a big responsibility—and chance—to become better. Besides, if you’re down, there’s no way to go but up, right? The airports here are full of chances to become infinitely better.

For now, though, they belong in the list of the worst. Whether they’re full of temporary structures or just plain bad, here are the worst airports of the world.

Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

If losing your luggage and chaotic arrivals are the indications for becoming the worst, then Charles de Gaulle is a runaway winner. It’s not the airport’s fault, though; it is one of the busiest in Europe, second only to Heathrow. Misplacing your luggage and chaos in boarding and departing are just the norm in this very busy airport.

King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia

Chaos is a regular occurrence in this airport. If you count in the smokers found in the area for non-smokers as well as the bad-smelling bathrooms, then you’ve got the right place. To be fair, this is the old airport, and a new one has already opened; however, the issues with flights are enough of a warning on what to expect when you’re traveling here.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila

In Southeast Asia, you’ve got the Changi airport as a shining beacon and example for all. You’ve also got the Ninoy Aquino International Airport as one of the examples how not to do it. It is very hard to navigate, according to pilots, and then the regular misplacement of luggage. This airport—named after a slain politician—seems lost in time.

Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

Normal days at the Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu makes rush time in New York seem like a timid exercise in boarding. It’s more like a bus station than an airport, and the restrooms are not recommended by most passengers. Perhaps that it’s recovering from damages during the March 2017 earthquake isn’t enough to excuse it from everything it’s suffered from.

Heathrow Airport, UK

The title of worst in Europe is a longshot for this very busy airport. Terminal 4 is in dire need of repairs, according to airline pilots. Despite that improvement, it has remained mired in criticisms such as a few pilots including it in the list of airports they’d rather avoid. Despite that scathing review, Heathrow is not too bad, but it isn’t that good, either.

Like what has been said, this is definitely a list you won’t want to find your airport in. But if they are, that only means they have to get better—for the sake of the people and of the country that owns them.

Air Superiority: Where to Find the Best Weekend Air Shows

Weekends present a rare opportunity for the family to get together. Some prefer to go someplace to spend time with their family; others prefer to just stay at home and invite people at their home. There are some who would rather watch weekend airshows, and perhaps, on the way there, find some surprises on the road.

Weekend airshows are happening all over the country and elsewhere in the world. If you want to check some of them out, here they are and the places where they happen.

Bornemouth Air Festival
Dorset (UK)

Let’s head over to the UK to check out the Air Festival at Bornemouth. It’s the largest airshow happening annually over at Bornemouth; best of all, it’s free, and it’s in Europe, where you can visit many other places. Better be in early as it attracts a lot of people from all over.

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

It is the largest annual airshow, gathering about 10,000 aircrafts and more than that same number of visitors too. The show has a bit of everything; it has warplanes, self-made planes from do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and vintage planes from days gone by.

Florida International Air Show
Punta Gorda

During March, Punta Gorda in Florida hosts the annual Florida International Air Show. A mixed crowd of visitors flock to the tropical keys as the skies fill with aircrafts from the military and the civilian branches of aviation. A special treat are vintage airplanes from the second World War.

Reno Air Races

Gambling isn’t the only thing you can do when you visit Nevada. If you visit in September, you’ll be able to watch the Reno Air Races. It is like in the movie ‘Planes’ where an air race commences; the annual event attracts pilot-acrobats and their planes built for speed.

Royal International Air Tattoo
Gloucestershire (UK)

Ever fancied yourself a pilot during World War II? If so, then you’ll have your fill of vintage planes from the period at the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire. Not only that, you’ll also be able to see today’s military aircraft up close. There are also other activities you can enjoy.

Tannheim (Germany)

Tannkosh is held in high regard as one of the few European airshow to give AirVenture Oshkosh a run for its money in terms of size. The German airshow is home to anything vintage; vintage airplanes are the main attraction, but people can also see vintage motorcycles and cars as well.

That’s one of the solutions for your weekend boredom. There are other places you can visit, of course, but these shows are a must if you have a budding aviator inside you.

Flying First Class: The Best Airlines to Fly On

Traveling first class may not be for everyone, but it’s surely an experience to remember if you can afford it. It always has the best for everyone who travels availing of it; you can experience a completely different treatment and a whole other level of service. One of the issues, however, is that you need to pay a premium price for it.

There are airliners that offer the best first class, but the more important fact is economy-class flights that feel like first class. Here they are.

Air New Zealand (

AirlineRatings have Air New Zealand topping the list for five consecutive years. AirlineRatings places premium on economy seats and business class seats that make its customers feel like they’re truly flying business class. Air New Zealand, for their part, has managed to continue its innovative practices as well as a staff that’s always ready to serve.

Qatar Airways (Skytrax)

Skytrax, meanwhile, recognizes Qatar Airways for its performance. It places the same importance for economy and business classes; that Qatar Airways managed to snag the award over Air New Zealand speaks about its dedication to excellence. From seats to first-class reservations, Qatar Airways is dedicated to the same excellence that Air New Zealand displays.

Honorable Mentions:

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines may have a young crew but youth for them means more effectiveness for focus on service and user experience. The Singapore Girl—Singapore Airlines’ official mascot on advertising campaigns—is a recognizable brand worldwide. It is a symbol of the high-class service and experience customers can expect every time they fly this airline.


From only two aircraft since they began in 1985, Emirates boasts of a record number of 230 planes flying to different destinations worldwide. They have 140 places they fly to on a daily to weekly basis, with a network that is steadily expanding and more countries being served. Their flights—coming from Dubai—have reached to around 1,500 flights weekly.


Lufthansa has always been a brand associated with class and prestige. The largest German airline flies over 260 planes with new models—the A350 and the Boeing 747-8. The largest airline in Europe, it continues to defy expectations as well as re-invent itself as time passes by. It is a member of the Star Alliance, an aviation alliance that spans the globe.

Airliners have a duty to serve their customers the best they can. These airliners have already done it; that doesn’t mean you can’t choose new airliners, but these are pretty good choices.

Travel in Class: The World’s Top Airports of 2018

In the discussion for the best airports in the world, Singapore is one of, if not the, top airports in the world. That’s a big distinction right there—to be included in the best airports in the world. However, to get there, a right combination of efficiency, cleanliness, and orderliness needs to be present. It’s not that hard to do if you have the will to complete it.

The best airports in the world almost always are found among the best countries in the world. Here are a few of them.

Changi Airport, Singapore. Singapore’s airport welcomes the hustle and bustle of its visitors with the Sunflower garden, a nursery of different sunflower varieties cultivated right at the heart of Singapore’s traveler’s hub. It was a busy airport in 2017, managing to serve over 60 million passengers. The arrival and departure of 5000 people is a normal week for this airport.

Central Japan International Airport, Nagoya. Nagoya is the central hub for travellers in Japan. It’s where some travellers transfer planes and it is also Japan’s entryway. The Central Japan Airport, also known as Centrair, takes pride in welcoming visitors to an airport that’s as efficient as it is attractive. Only this year, it was honored as the best in the world.

Incheon International Airport, South Korea. South Korea is on the top of many lists of countries to visit and their airport is one big reason for that. It is one of the busiest in the world and to have won past awards as the best in the world is a big distinction for such a busy place. Its staff, however, has no choice but to get past the pressure and perform; it didn’t win 2018’s Best Airport Staff award for nothing.

Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar. Qatar’s airport is found in the country’s capital, Doha. It can welcome up to 30 million passengers each year and only the best in architecture and efficiency is for this airport. It also holds the distinction of being a luxurious place to transfer flights in or to land on, a character it shares with the city that it’s located on.

Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong’s airport is a hub of over 100 airlines and visitors from various locations throughout the world. It is also the entryway for most visitors going to mainland China. It was a winner of past awards for being the best Airport in the world. Among those awards were for best Transit Airport as well as the best Airport for Dining.

If you don’t find the airport of your country in this list, that just means there’s an opportunity for them to be better. To be in this list, however, is a big achievement for these airports.

A Different Kind of Fame: Celebrity Pilots and their Planes

Celebrities definitely live in a whole other level above us. Where we can only dream, they can buy or get in a snap. Some celebrities, however, will take it on another level altogether; these celebrities spend their free time learning how to fly, to touch the sky literally. These celebrities have licenses to fly their own planes and are actually good at doing it.

From actors and actresses who portrayed people who have flying machines in movies to people who got inspired watching airplanes fly, here they are.

Angelina Jolie
plane: Cirrus SR22

It was on a trip with son Maddox that Angelina Jolie got the inspiration for her Cirrus SR22. Citing that it’s “so much better (than sex),” she’s quite in love with it, and have been seen flying it on more than a few occasions. While she received a penalty with the FAA for neglecting it’s registration’s renewal, she was known to have been allegedly looking recently for a seaplane.

Clint Eastwood
plane: –

A TV special revealed that Clint Eastwood has a pilot’s license that’s 40 years old or more, meaning he has been flying planes since way back. Eastwood had revealed that it’s the freedom of getting away and going somewhere that’s so enticing. In the sky, according to the actor, he’s just another somebody—no one following him and no one knows who he is.

Harrison Ford
plane: Ryan PT-22 Recruit/Cessna/Waco

Known for playing Han Solo, a crack pilot flying the crate that is the Millenium Falcon, he was perhaps inspired by that to receive a license to fly planes. He’s also a vocal supporter of the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association. He’s had a brush with accidents, though; he had crashed his PT-22, a World War II vintage plane, although that didn’t stop him from buying a Cessna and a Waco, a biplane.

John Travolta
plane: Qantas Boeing 707/Challenger 601

John Travolta being a licensed commercial pilot is no secret. Starting to fly at the relatively young age of 22, he has bought himself some planes that includes a retired Boeing 707 and a Challenger. His property has a runway, catering to his passion; the actor says that flying has become his profession and, reportedly, if he wasn’t acting, he would probably be a commercial pilot.

Tom Cruise
plane: P-51 Mustang

Ethan Hunt himself, Tom Cruise, is a self-confessed airplane enthusiast. He’s added a P-51 Mustang and a Gulfstream IV to his collection. He’s also told anyone willing to listen that he has loved airplanes ever since his childhood, and that the P-51 is the plane of his dreams. Reports say that he has been licensed since 1994 and is also a prolific helicopter pilot.

The Annual Oshkosh Air Show: Famous Planes from the Annual Event

At a loss for a weekend activity? There are airplane shows that are held over the weekend. That’s a good way to spend some free time. These weekend air shows are quite something; the pilots can land precisely how you’d imagine them, while the plane are nothing short of works of art and a marvel of engineering in their own right.

These planes have definitely earned the right to be included in this list. From the technologically advanced to self-made wonders, here they are.

Boeing 747-LCF

The LCF stands for ‘Large Cargo Freighter.’It’s a custom-made airplane developed by cargo fliers Evergreen. Itself a hauler, it was built to support the 787 edition of its class. The 747 is also an answer to the problem of cumbersome delays for heavy projects. With the cargo space, project parts that are usually shipped can now be airlifted, making deliver faster and more efficient.

Boeing 707 (John Travolta’s plane)

This short-body with the model 138B has some stories to tell. Before landing on Travolta’s tarmac, it had served equally famous people like Frank Sinatra and billionaire Kirk Kerkorian—as well as eight other people. During air shows, the 707 arrives decked in its Qantas colors. The actor—a licensed pilot in his own right—also flies the plane when it arrives for the air shows.


These shows always play host to customized planes as well as innovative-designed ones. The ICON A5 is just that—a marvel of aeronautical engineering that can fold its wings as well as be towed when not in use. It looks sleek, stylish, and is a fitting ‘plane of tomorrow.’ It can land on water and it doesn’t need jet fuel to fly, so it can be refitted for economical use.

Lancair Evolution

This one is for the commercial crowd. The Evolution is a four-seater and a speedster that flies 338 knots as its normal speed at high altitudes. People who want one will have to shell out $750,000 to $1M just to bring one home. Along with a purchase certificate, training courses are packaged for lucky owners of the relatively easy-to-maintain airplane.

Van Aircraft RV-9A

This design by plane enthusiast Bob Noll was put together in about 2500 hours. Van, the company who built it, has about 5400 kit planes or more in the air, so it’s not a bad decision to buy the RV-9A. This plane is for the do-it-yourself crowd; a personal milestone for an amateur plane company that still manages to separate themselves from large, commercial suppliers.

Whether you’re here for the history or for newer, daring planes, you’ll surely get your fill of masterfully created airlanes with these airshow wonders.