The Golden West Regional Fly-In would not have reached its great success without the help of hundreds of volunteers, some working year round, some working for several months before the event and many, many others helping out during the fly-in. Below we have listed a short description of the varied positions that are staffed by our volunteers. Look them over to see if you can find just the right place for you. If you aren't sure your best fit, try a shift at two or three different ones to find the ones you like the best. Keep in mind, each position requires staffing by more than one or two volunteers so there are plenty of openings for everyone!

Volunteer Positions We Really Need to Fill:
Homebuilt Aircraft
Sign Installation
Newsletter Editor
Wild Blue Wonders
Sport Pilot/LSA
Type Clubs
EAA Membership


Use these links to locate the various categories of opportunities:
Marketing & Promotion Event Services Special Activities
Education Activities Aircraft Operations Sales Support
Security & Safety Sales Operations  
Facilities Preparation Visitor Services  

Once you've found the areas where you want to participate, sign up as a Volunteer by completing our online volunteer registration. Or, you can print out a pdf version and mail.


Advertising and Promotion
  • Placement of media advertising, coordinate with graphic designer.
  • Printing and distribution of color posters.
  • Distribution of table “tents” to restaurants.
  • Distribution of informational flyers at other fly-ins, aviation and other events
  • In-person presentations to California EAA Chapters and other civic and non-profit organizations in local area.
  • Development of a school involvement program to tie into aviation education and the fly-in.

Media Coordination

  • Writing and distributing on a regular basis press releases to keep fly-in activities in the news.
  • Plan and coordinate Media Day event.
  • Invite and register media representatives and be their host during the fly-in.

Sponsorship Program --- Our sponsorship program will provide many promotional opportunities for businesses in exchange for goods and services and financial resources for the fly-in. Help is needed for:

  • Recruitment of area businesses as sponsors.
  • Coordination and delivery of sponsors' entitlements.
  • Prepare after-event follow up report to sponsors.

Event Program

  • Collect materials and graphics for event program, prepare informational segments and schedules.
  • Solicit event program advertisements from local businesses.
  • Coordinate graphics layout and printing.
Education -- Plan and host activities for All Ages                       (Back to Top)

Forums and Workshops
  • “Host” one of six educational forum tents by seeing to needs of the speakers and presenters.
  • “Host” one of the workshop areas by helping presenters set up and clean up demonstration areas.
  • Coordinate, set up and trouble shoot Audio/Visual equipment and small PA systems for each educational forum tent and workshop area.

Youth Education Center, Young Eagles and Kids Day

  • Assist presenters, help kids with projects and flight simulators.
  • Sign up and schedule kids ages 8 to 17 for Young Eagles aircraft rides.
  • Assist in the Young Eagles ride staging area to make operations safe.
  • Help plan and organize “Kids Day” activities, talks and tours.
  • Coordinate with schools and teachers for class / student participation in “Kids Day”
  • Lead on-airport tours for students participating in “Kids Day” (Friday only.)
Aircraft Operations -- Help manage ground movement             

Special Demonstrations, Fly-Bys and Manufacturer’s Showcase
  • Schedule demonstration flight periods, brief participating pilots and coordinate flights with tower operations.

Aircraft Parking and Marshalling
(requires familiarity with aircraft models/types and aircraft movement on an airport and attendance at training session)

  • Direct arriving aircraft from runway along taxiways to proper aircraft parking areas.
  • Direct aircraft arriving at parking areas to appropriate parking spaces, especially show planes that are parked by type.
  • Provide aircraft pushing, wing walking assistance and monitor “no-engine” areas and safety rule observance by pilots and visitors.

Air Race

  • Observe and record time of participating aircraft crossing race finish line (Friday only.)

Aircraft Judging

  • Using EAA Judging Guidelines, judge aircraft in one of 5 major categories (previous experience required.)
  • Judging apprenticeships available for a limited number of participants.
Facilities & Preparation                                                              (Back to Top)

Temporary Utilities
  • Set up temporary telephone and electrical distribution lines.
  • Coordinate PA system set up and operation.

Tents & Furnishings

  • Plan and order tents and furnishings.
  • Coordinate delivery, inventory, set up and tear down of tents, tables, chairs, pipe and drape.


  • Construct and paint temporary structures and signs
  • Prepare, clean and mark parking, ramp and camping areas.


  • Install sign lettering.
  • Set up and install completed signs.


  • Plan location of porta potties, coordinate with service company for delivery, servicing and pick up.
  • Locate distribution and delivery of trash barrels and dumpsters, arrange trash service pick up.
  • Arrange delivery, set up and pick up of portable showers.
Special Activities -- Assist coordination of evening activities.           (Back to Top)

Hot Air Balloon Events
  • Assist balloon pilot in setting up, chasing, and recovering balloons
  • Assist in coordinating events

Convention Dinners and Entertainment

  • Assist with set up, decorations and clean up for on-site special event dinners and entertainment.
  • Coordinate caterers' timely setup.
  • Collect tickets at special events.

Award Presentations (Air Race and Judging)

  • Set up presentation area and PA system and tear down/put away equipment following presentations.

Movies On The Ramp

  • Recruit theater to provide movies and equipment.
  • Set up and clean up for daily movie.
Sales -- It takes lots of volunteers to collect the money.                 (Back to Top)

Food Services
  • Recruit food vendors, apply for permits and oversee vendor setup and permit compliance.
  • Distribute beverages and ice to food vendors and track inventory.
  • Keep food court eating areas clean and tidy.

Exhibitor Services

  • Assist exhibitors in locating their space and with other last minute needs.
  • Check exhibitors in at vehicle gate and direct them to exhibitor display area.
  • “Host” authors’ book signing booth, hours as assigned.

The following sales positions require previous experience with cash handling, operation of cash registers and attendance at training sessions:

Admissions and Pilot Registration

  • Sell admission tickets, event programs and EAA memberships and renewals.
  • Greet arriving show planes, sell admission to pilots and passengers, sell EAA memberships and renewals and register aircraft for judging and underwing camping.


  • Greet and register visitors camping in their RVs or tents, collect and refund camping fees.

Merchandise Sales

  • Assist setup/teardown of event merchandise center.
  • Roving sales of event programs.
  • Sell EAA memberships and renewals.
Sales Support -- Assist with behind the scenes info gathering.            (Back to Top)

Banking Services
(requires previous cashiering or teller experience)
  • Check out/in cash trays, count money and prepare sales accounting report.
  • Prepare food vendor sales reports and collect commissions.
  • Check sales accounting reports and prepare bank deposits.

Statistical Reporting

  • Count and package admissions wristbands, inventory daily unsold wristbands and prepare daily admission report.
  • Gather aircraft, special event attendance and other statistical counts and prepare daily report.
  • Collect survey information from visitors
Event Services --  Assist by helping our volunteer team.           (Back to Top)
Event Services
  • Tram Operations
  • Info/Lost & Found
  • Camping Operations
  • Auto Parking
  • Motel Shuttle
Security and Safety -- Assist with keeping our event safe.            (Back to Top)
Security and Safety
  • Flightline & Perimeter Security
  • First Aid
Visitor Services -- Ensure our guests have an enjoyable visit.           (Back to Top)
Guest Services
  • Coordinate and reserve rooms and autos for specially invited guests and assemble arrival packets.
  • Greet specially invited guests with their arrival packets, provide directions and other information.

Fly-In Headquarters

  • Answer telephones, reception and office duties

Handicap Services

  • Set up and close down Handicap Services operations, secure wheel chairs and carts.
  • Check out / check in wheel chairs and carts.