The Board and Elections

We encourage aviation enthusiasts throughout California who are committed to helping the Golden West Regional Fly-In become the premier fly-in on the West Coast to serve on the Board of Directors of the Golden West Aviation Association, Inc. A position on the Board of Directors presents many challenging opportunities and abundant satisfaction and rewards.

The 15-member Board of Directors is comprised of four Officers and eleven Directors, each member serving a term of two years. To minimize the effects of transitioning governance half of the Directors are elected each year.

Elections are held each year at the Board’s Annual Meeting on the third Saturday of November.

Requirements of Candidacy
Directors and Officers must be interested in furthering the goals and objectives of the Golden West Aviation Association. Among our objectives is to put on the friendliest Fly-in and Air show in the west. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age and have demonstrated experience in non-profit organization leadership
A Working Board
The Board has established an expectation that it is a “working Board” and each Director and Officer shall carry responsibility for some aspect of the fly-in operations or organizational business operations. This means that Directors will be attending meetings in addition to the prescribed Board meetings, will have responsibilities for carrying out duties of the assigned operational function and report regularly to the Board and Executive Committee.
Candidates should understand that a successful Director must have dedication and responsibility to Golden West affairs and be aware how time demands of the position may impact home and work life.
Candidacy Forms
Declaration of Candidacy forms must be submitted to the Nominating Committee along with a short resume, a written statement of how you will contribute to GWAA and the fly-in convention and a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your leadership capabilities. Print out the PDF Version* of the Declaration of Candidacy form and contact a member of the nominating committee to express your interest and for instructions on submittal of forms.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available at at no cost.

Deadline:  Declaration of Candidacy forms for the 2010 elections must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than August 20, 2010.
More Information
You may contact members of the Nominating Committee listed below or any of the Directors and Officers to discuss any questions you may have or to request information on the governing ByLaws. Click on the Nominating Committee Member's name below to send an email message.

Nominating Committee Members
Peter Requa (916) 645-7592 or cell (916) 204-7791
Irv Eastin (916) 408-5329 or cell (916) 300-9962